Chante is a fitness and clean eating enthusiast (well on most days) and recovering spender. Her family of four just paid off over $320,000 of debt.  As you can imagine this was not an easy task, but as Walt says, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”  The funds are tight and the days of spending hundreds of dollars on gym memberships and health food stores are gone.

When her family started this journey she was afraid her family’s health would suffer. We all heard of the Ramen Noodle budget. Was it possible to eat fresh food and stay in shape when the budget is rigid?

She was determined to make it happened! Chante decided to create this blog to help others. Whether you are trying to get out of debt like her family or maybe you just would rather spend your money on a trip to the beach instead of spending your precious dollars to get into swim suit shape. We will help you!

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We provide free support! Really, I mean it We are not going to sell you some crazy expensive shakes or pills.  We also cheat every now and then. Chante’s favorite food is donuts and vodka after all!

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