My 2017 Bucket List

Every January I found myself setting New Year resolutions only to find a few months later they were a distant memory. Every year the resolutions had reducing debt and losing weight. Every December I found myself with extra credit card debt from Christmas shopping and a few pounds heavier due to the Holiday treats.

This year I decided to try something different. I imagined that I received word that I only had a year left to live. I know it is morbid, but think about it. What have you always wanted to do or where have you wanted to go? You may think you would go travel the world and quit your job, but would you really? I knew that with two kids I would not want to leave my husband with a crazy about of debt.

So, here is my bucket list. I still have a few things to complete for the year, but I have made progress.

My 2017 Bucket List in no particular order:

1. Go to Disneyland (Completed in January)
2. Find a new job that allows be to spend more time with my children (Completed in March)
3. Go Camping with my family
4. See the Hollywood sign
5. Attend a cooking class
6. Attend a Bible Study
7. Hang out at the pool with my kids (Completed in June)
8. Take my mother and grandmother to high tea (Completed in Feb.)
9. Get a tattoo
10. Run a Half Marathon
11. Drink wine at a Vineyard in California
12. Hangout in Crab Island in Destin with my family (Completed in July)
13. Go to a Drive-in movie
14. Got to Glen Rose Safari with my kids
15. Spend an evening driving around looking at Christmas lights
16. Take my children to volunteer
17. Watch my son’s baseball game (Completed in March)

As of October 1, I still have quite a bit to complete, but I have completed a ton on the list as well. The crazy thing is that in an effort to complete this list, I changed my life. I tried to focus on time with family as opposed to achieving some crazy unattainable goal. In the process of checking off the bucket list boxes, I have changed not only my life, but also my families.

I am looking forward to completing the list, and I can’t wait to start working on my 2018 list!

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